We have an agenda

And it's not a feminist agenda. It's not a gay agenda. It's not a butch or fem or alphabet soup string of initials agenda. It's a human agenda. It's an agenda that says any girl or woman or person who is untraditionally unapologetic and dresses the way she wants, looks the way she wants, thinks the way she wants, while keeping her arms and mind open, was, is, and always will be a tomboy.


Underneath it all - film

Brands have the tremendous social power of a louder voice that spreads easily across a large audience, and it should be carefully considered how to use it. Rain is one of many of TomboyX's unique followers who's stories and opinions deserve to be heard. TomboyX is the collective voice of it's passionate followers, and the brand is a platform to share their stories, open minds, and create positive change.